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Joel Jackson (A.K.A. ottocon1 A.K.A. KILLBEARD!), owner of 2 Headed Monster Comics, artist of Radio Free Gahanna, The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco, amongst others, still wants to be a Transformer when he grows up, or possibly He-Man. For the moment, he’s an illustrator / designer! Hidden in his secret underground fortress, surrounded by his plastic articulated army, Joel's creations jump off the finished page fueled by caffeine, boundless imagination and a flair for pop culture.

In addition to his sequential pursuits, Jackson is currently creative directing an upcomming children's show all about art, music and creativity called We're The Shazzbots.


James Moore, writer of Radio Free Gahanna and The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco lives in Columbus, Ohio and he’s gotten pretty OK with that. He has a Journalism degree (and Film Minor) that he doesn’t get to use, but he enjoys his tech support day job anyway. His reviews have appeared on both iterations of Gutter Geek and additional writing has appeared in The Lantern. He believes that The Old Bastard’s Manifesto is comics Sermon on the Mount. His plans on remakeing comics in his image. He would like you to pay him money to write things.


Katie Valeska is the S.P.A.C.E. Prize award winning creator of the webcomic Next Years Girl. Katie hase a penchant for making ridiculous lists and setting goals that are nigh-impossible. Next Year’s Girl began as a challenge to limit herself to only one New Years' resolution in 2010. She promised to draw one comic. Just one. So she set up the website that very day, did the deed, loved it, and sort-of named the whole shebang after an Elvis Costello song. Check it out every Tuesday for more adventures in dorkdom.


Coming Soon!

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